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AI-driven Assistant for Cloud Governance

Stacklet Jun0 helps you speed up governance tasks, reporting, and initiatives. Stacklet Jun0 can answer and report on complex queries using Stacklet’s proprietary database and your tagging structure. Using simple natural language, you can query Stacklet Jun0 for insights or create and validate governance policies. 



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Key Capabilities 


Codify and Automate Policy Enforcement

IaC Governance via Code

 Codify and automate IaC scanning for security, compliance, or cost control violations. Automatically provide in-line remediation recommendations for developers or DevOps engineers to find and fix issues quickly.

Scan drill down (1)
Scan drill down (1)



Governance Insights via Text Based Queries 

Stacklet Jun0’s underlying LLM uses Stacklet’s proprietary, real-time cloud asset database and tagging structure as additional data sources to answer ad-hoc, complex questions about your cloud platform. You can use text-based queries to ask questions related to operations, cost, security, and compliance domains. 

Text based queries-1
Text based queries-1


Create and Dry-run Policies with minimum knowledge.  

Use natural language to generate and validate cloud governance policies. You can also dry-run policies against your cloud platform to test, visualize, and share initial findings.  

Dry-run policies screen and gif
Dry-run policies screen and gif


Intelligent recommendations on policies and remediation 

Stacklet Jun0 can provide intelligent recommendations on improving cloud cost optimization, security posture, and compliance score. Leveraging an understanding of your existing cloud posture, Stacklet’s policy repository, and knowledge base, you will get actionable, real-world insights to be better managed in the cloud. 

Intelligent recommendations
Intelligent recommendations

Stacklet Jun0 Benefits

Optimize costs and improve security posture

Get insights and recommendations on policies that would help you optimize costs, reduce risk and adhere to best practices. 

Boost team efficiency and bridge skills divide

Use simple text based queries to generate reports, insights and even policies across multiple clouds. 

Speed time to compliance 

Easily understand your cloud posture, write policies faster, and get recommendations to boost your compliance scores.


Industry-First, Full Cycle Cloud Governance Platform    

Stacklet’s Governance as Code Platform allows organizations to visualize, codify, and automate all aspects of cloud governance, including cost, operations, security, and compliance. With the availability of Stacklet IaC Governance, Stacklet now provides a single declarative language, toolset, and workflows to enforce governance of your entire cloud infrastructure code lifecycle. This reduces the operational complexity of learning and implementing multiple tools and workflows.

Cloud overview front page v2
Cloud overview front page v2
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 "Stacklet AssetDB is extremely powerful because it contains hundreds of resource types and is accessible to our engineers and FinOps teams, who are already familiar with SQL. I am excited to try Stacklet Jun0 once available. Adding a generative AI layer on top of Stacklet AssetDB and cost governance knowledgebase is the natural next step and would unlock more visibility and productivity for our team."

Director Cloud Cost Optimization
Tax compliance automation provider

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