Accelerate cloud adoption with real-time visibility and programmatic governance 


No more ad-hoc scripts, inconsistent policies, and friction to adoption

Best practice governance as code 

Cloud engineering teams typically lead the move to the cloud within organizations. They are tasked with designing, deploying, and driving the adoption of their company’s public cloud platforms. The success of an organization’s cloud transformation often hinges on whether or not the velocity of development is impacted by the enforcement of cloud best practices policies. Stacklet helps cloud engineering teams easily understand, codify, and automate cloud governance for a frictionless experience for development teams and rapid cloud adoption.

Shape Platform iso
Shape Platform iso

Stacklet Platform Benefits

Get Real-time, Holistic Visibility

Into all your cloud platforms, resources, and configurations. 

Establish best practices for governance

Through real-time enforcement of policies as well as automated remediation across a range of security, compliance, operations, and cost optimization use cases.

Reduce operational overhead

Associated with policy implementation, remediation, and inconsistent cloud management by using a standard, easy-to-use policy language, and platform across all your clouds.

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