Stacklet AssetDB

Real-time multi-cloud asset database

Transforms the way you gather, analyze, and distribute data for cloud governance by building a real-time, SQL-enabled inventory of all your cloud resources and configurations


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Real-time cloud asset database

Provides visibility and holistic insights into cloud resources and configurations via real-time streaming. Stacklet AssetDB continuously parses cloud provider API calls to detect any resource changes, then builds a real-time, centralized inventory of your cloud assets and configurations.

Shape Asset DB iso
Shape Asset DB iso



Query cloud assets and configurations via SQL

Use simple SQL to gain insight into your infrastructure in real-time, solving a range of use cases such as cloud security, compliance, and operations.  

Asset DB- search
Asset DB- search



Comprehensive cloud and resource coverage

Use one tool for all your clouds. Stacklet AssetDB supports multiple clouds and resource types. It automatically inspects cloud APIs and SDKs to keep up to date with the latest definitions and updates so that you don't have to.

Asset DB - timeline
Asset DB - timeline


Feeds data into standard reporting and business intelligence tools that your organization is already using.


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Stacklet AssetDB Benefits

Obtain real-time visibility and insights

Into your cloud resources and configurations in order to control costs, secure resources, and meet compliance needs.

Reduce operational overhead

Associated with data aggregation and reporting to meet security, compliance, and operational needs.

Eliminate resource misconfigurations

By quickly identifying and tracking resources that don’t comply with organizational policies.

Empower your teams to make faster decisions and unlock new trends

By giving them access to a central source with real-time, actionable data. 


What our customers say

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"Stacklet AssetDB unlocked new insights for our cloud team from day one" 

Director IT
Large Financial Services Organization
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“Stacklet accelerates our move to governance as code model and empowers our security teams to automate and scale real-time, continuous evaluation and enforcement of our governance policies" 

Large Financial Analytics Software Company
Senior Director Product Security

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