Streamlined Cloud Governance

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Stacklet provides organizations a one stop solution to be well managed in the cloud, including:
  • Cloud asset visibility
  • Security best practices
  • Cost savings
  • Operations and governance excellence
At scale, delivered via a Policy as Code platform.
Open Source
Stacklet is built by the original developer and maintainer of Cloud Custodian. Cloud Custodian is used by thousands of well-known global brands today. The project’s community has hundreds of active contributors including Amazon, Microsoft and Capital One and is growing rapidly. The project's homepage can be found here.
Stacklet builds on the Cloud Custodian project to offer an out-of-the-box solution with powerful management capabilities and advanced features to help businesses realize value.
Product Features
Stacklet provides a best-of-breed solution for cloud governance addressing needs around Security, Cost Optimization and Regulatory Compliance. Its features include:
Policy Management
Tooling to manage Cloud Custodian at scale across thousands of cloud accounts, policies and regions
Policy Packs
Access to best practice policy sets which solve business problems out-of-the-box
Data and visualizations to understand policy health, resource auditing, trends and anomalies
Resource CMDB
Real-time inventory, historical revisions and change management of cloud assets
on a Mission
Stacklet founders Travis (CEO) and Kapil (CTO) met at Capital One where Kapil created Cloud Custodian so developers get the freedom to use cloud native tools and resources with the right guardrails in place to ensure they use infrastructure inline with best practices.
Travis Stanfield
Travis is a seasoned technology executive, bringing more than two decades of experience in leading teams towards the achievement of business and technical goals. He began his career as an engineer at Microsoft Corp and was a leader for a successful start-up venture, DealerTrack Technologies, that ultimately grew to nearly $4 billion in valuation.
Kapil Thangavelu
Kapil is a technical luminary in the area of cloud computing having most recently worked at Amazon Corp on the AWSOpen team. He is the creator and lead maintainer of Cloud Custodian. At Canonical/Ubuntu, he was a core developer on Juju, an open source, cross-cloud orchestration and provisioning product. He is passionate about open source and building infrastructure and developer tooling that's a pleasure to operate.
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