Use governance as code to strengthen cloud security posture while minimizing developer frictio


Minimize risk and friction 

Innovate securely in the cloud with governance as code 

All it takes is one cloud misconfiguration to compromise the security of an entire organization, resulting in the loss of both millions of dollars and the trust of their customers. However, organizations are often forced to compromise the dutiful enforcement of complex cloud policies in favor of developer productivity. Stacklet helps security teams reduce risk and deployment friction by providing governance as a coding platform. Stacklet offers real-time policy enforcement across all clouds via detection, notification, and remediation -- all with an easy-to-write, declarative language. 

Shape Platform iso
Shape Platform iso

Stacklet Benefits for Security Teams

Improve security posture

Through real-time enforcement of policies and automated remediation across a range of cloud platforms and services.

Meet ever-changing compliance needs

By offering a set of best practice policies that address common security uses cases in addition to compliance frameworks such as NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and CIS Benchmarks.

Reduce operational overhead and developer friction

Associated with policy implementation by implementing a standard, easy-to-use policy language, and platform across all your clouds.

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