Automate and Scale Cloud Cost Governance

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Optimize Costs. Drive Behavioural Change 

Insights and proactive guardrails for cloud cost optimization

Stacklet Platform, based on Cloud Custodian open source project, is a Governance as Code solution that provides insights and proactive guardrails for cloud cost optimization. Using Stacklet Platform's easy-to-use, declarative language, FinOps and cloud engineering teams can codify, automate, and collaborate on cost policies. If policy violations occur, the platform enables real-time detection and visualization. Unlike other tools, Stacklet Platform can also automatically trigger a remediation workflow and notify development teams in the channel of their choice, including Slack and Jira.


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Stacklet Platform Benefits For FinOps Teams

Control costs

by automatically identifying and right-sizing
underutilized resources and de-provisioning unused resources.

Foster behavior change

among development teams by delivering useful notifications and automating remediation.

Reduce operational overhead

associated with policy implementation, manual workflows, and inconsistent cloud

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