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Accelerate Your Path to Being Well-Managed in the Cloud With Stacklet Policy Packs

Designing, deploying, securing, and driving the adoption of an organization’s public cloud platforms, cloud, and security engineering teams face an ever-evolving, multifaceted challenge.

An Ever-Evolving Security and Compliance Landscape Slows Down Cloud Deployment

Between the constant stream of changes to cloud service provider APIs and recurrent requests from application development teams to access the latest and greatest cloud services, cloud and security engineering teams face an ever-growing challenge.

Accountable for cost and compliance, cloud engineers cannot overlook thorough validation of new cloud services. Confronted with ever-increasing pressure from malicious actors, security experts must also consistently and frequently assess their defenses.

Well governed cloud teams write policies and controls that evaluate cloud resources and ensure that they are correctly configured. Maintaining and managing these policies and controls can become challenging and daunting, especially as organizations grow.

Establish Best Practices for Governance by Default

The Stacklet team has years of experience managing and securing some of the largest and highly regulated clouds. Their knowledge and know-how are applied to Cloud Custodian, now a CNCF Sandbox project, a domain-specific language that understands the cloud. Stacklet Platform, the first Governance as Code platform, lets you orchestrate Cloud Custodian policies at scale. Now we are sharing our lessons through Stacklet Policy Packs.

Stacklet Policy Packs are sets of cloud governance policies that the experts at Stacklet maintain. Each pack targets a specific use case or pain point of cloud governance and contains a set of policies that can be subscribed to and configured to operate within your legal and operational frameworks.

Security and Compliance Policy Packs Ensure Compliance With Industry Standards

Stacklet Policy Packs cover traditional regulation baselines, such as the CIS Cloud Benchmark, PCI Compliance, HIPAA, GDPR. They help measure and audit your cloud environment against regulatory requirements. You can also configure them to notify resource owners and take immediate action to remediate a non-compliant event.

Evaluating and remediating cloud resources that are publicly accessible is another critical use case. The Stacklet Security Policy Pack among other things surfaces externally accessible resources and evaluates a risk score based on their IAM permissions.

Operations and Cost Optimization Packs Can Save You Substantially

Security and Compliance is not the only category of controls Policy Packs address. Rooted in the combined decades-long professional cloud best practices experience of the developers at Stacklet, Policy Packs also tackle the day-to-day challenges cloud operations teams face. The Stacklet Policy Pack for cost optimization can help administrators optimize the lifecycle of cloud instances to make sure they only run when necessary. It identifies underused or unused resources for housekeeping and even flags users who may run potentially expensive API calls.

The Stacklet Policy Pack for cost optimization is one of the most impactful packs. The Cost Optimization Pack has saved some Stacklet customers north of half a million dollars a year in a matter of minutes after installation.

Future Proof Your Cloud Environments

There is an immediate benefit to using Stacklet Policy Packs. They allow Cloud operations and security teams to tick several boxes off their strict requirements lists thanks to the policies they contain. And the benefits continue to scale alongside development.

While cloud-based infrastructure can still seem like the wild wild west of software development, enterprises can depend on two cloud constants: frequent API updates and a steady stream of new services, features, and resources. Both these unavoidable aspects of remote development can introduce breaking changes and lapses in policy compliance and cloud best practices.

Much like AWS releases organizations of the burden of on-premise physical infrastructure maintenance and scaling, Stacklet Policy Packs eliminates the need to divert resources to catching up with cloud APIs, offerings, best practices, and regulations.

Committed to the paradigm of governance as code, Stacklet Policy Packs evolve with the cloud, programmatically ensuring that an organization’s remote infrastructure never falls out of sync with the cloud providers it depends on. Policy Packs are updated as public cloud infrastructure and policies change, enabling enterprises to keep pace with the larger cloud environment without missing a step. Moreover, Policy Packs such as the Cost Optimization Pack are built to adapt to the latest solutions to cloud management. When a new cloud waste reduction model emerges, an enterprise can depend on the Stacklet Cost Optimization Pack to keep them -- and their budget -- in alignment.

The result is a flexible, resilient, and future-proof enterprise cloud. When change is the only constant, Stacklet Policy Packs make sure those changes don’t become an unexpected challenge.