TMIC7N -This Month in Cloud Custodian - Feb 2022 Edition

Contributors: Liz Acosta, Jorge Castro, Umair Khan. 

Welcome to our new newsletter: This Month in Cloud Custodian! We’ll be sharing Cloud Custodian project updates, the fantastic work done by the community, upcoming events, and much more. 

We’ll start with Custodian itself, in February, we had a new release to kick-off 2022. The community was busy with 39 PRs opened with 27 of those merged and many more on the way over the next few weeks. Let’s take a look at some of the key updates and milestones for the month:

New Release 

  • Cloud Custodian is out! Now that the team is back from the holidays, the regular release cadence is back on track, starting with Check out the release notes for the detailed changelog. 


  • Python 3.6 has been deprecated in Custodian since January, so if you are on an older Enterprise Linux, please check with your vendor for supported options.


Featured Contributor of the Month 

This month we would like to showcase some of the contributions Darren Dao and the team at Intuit have been working on. Their team is in the process of moving away from an internal fork of Cloud Custodian to the core upstream version and are taking their changes and proposing them to be included in Custodian itself. We thought we would share some of the great work they’re doing. Thank you Intuit for contributing to Cloud Custodian and the work will continue to land over time! A few of their PR’s are below:

Interesting Pull Requests 

Each month we’re going to bring you a list of pull requests from around the community that might be interesting to you:

Check out all the latest merged pull requests, and thanks to all of you who have contributed issues and contributed code! If you see anything interesting and want us to highlight it, let us know!

Meeting Recording 

All our meetings are recorded and available for you to check out on our YouTube channel. You can check the community calendar for upcoming meetings, as well as workshops and conferences we plan on attending. We welcome all skill levels, so if you’re stuck on something, drop by with your questions and we will be happy to help out. Speaking of upcoming:

Upcoming Events!

  • March 16th: Cloud Custodian 102 will cover c7n-org and c7n mailer. Click the link for more details.
  • To keep up to date on Cloud Custodian events please subscribe to this calendar.calenda

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Status

Cloud Custodian is currently a sandbox project in the CNCF. We are in the process of applying for incubation, which is a community-driven due diligence process to ensure that our open source practices are at the level that enterprise users expect.

  • The bulk of the due diligence process is complete – we’re just dotting i’s and crossing t’s and hope to be starting the public review period as soon as we can!
  • Check out the CNCF’s TAG Security Assessment of Custodian. 
  • Many thanks to Robert Ficcaglia and Matthew Glissa for conducting the review, and to Ricardo Rocha for acting as a sponsor for Cloud Custodian.


This was our first newsletter. Thoughts? What else would you like us to include in this?