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1/4/21 11:24 AM

Do You Want to Use Cloud Custodian With Your AWS Cloud Ecosystem?

Of course you do! And with this endorsement from the AWS blog, why wouldn’t you use Cloud Custodian?

If you are new to both developing with AWS and implementing a cloud governance platform based on Cloud Custodian, we think this post from the AWS blog is a great place to start!

While AWS is one of the most popular cloud ecosystems, its range of services and tools can prove overwhelming and unwieldy. Cloud mismanagement can result in some pretty severe security vulnerabilities.

Well organized and easy to follow, what we find helpful about this post is its guidance through AWS and Cloud Custodian. It uses the AWS UI to create a real instance that you can practice with, making it easier for you to experience how Cloud Custodian fits into the cloud puzzle.

This post’s source content was written by Xuejiao Zhang and was originally published on the AWS Open Source Blog.

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Liz Acosta
Written by Liz Acosta
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