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Stacklet and Cloud Custodian at KubeCon EU

If you've ever wondered about using Cloud Custodian, we'll be hosting a booth at KubeCon EU all about it.

We’ve got our slides in order and our videos uploaded for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NU 2021 Virtual next week! We will be hosting a Stacklet booth where you can learn about all the possibilities of Cloud Custodian's policy as code.

Used by thousands of well-known global brands, Cloud Custodian is now a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project. Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or any level in between, we invite you to check out the Stacklet booth to learn more about Cloud Custodian.

We will be presenting both on-demand recorded and live talks covering various project cases, including cost optimization, enforcing secure controls, and automated remediation. Don’t worry if you’re new to Cloud Custodian -- we also have some introductory videos and talks to get you started. If you have any further questions about Cloud Custodian, you can ask lead project maintainer and Stacklet co-founder Kapil Thangavelu himself at our Q&A session.

Not only is KubeCon and the Stacklet booth a great opportunity to learn more about Cloud Custodian, we’re also offering attendees a chance to win an Xbox!

See below for our booth schedule. Registration for KubeCon is still open and this year the conference is virtual, so as long as you have an internet connection, you can attend! We can’t wait to see you at our booth!

  • Tuesday May 4th
    • 16:30 CEST: Introduction to Cloud Custodian
  • Wednesday May 5th
    • 13:45 CEST: Introduction to Cloud Custodian
  • Thursday May 6th
    • 15:00 CEST: Introduction to Cloud Custodian
    • 16:00 CEST: What’s New and Next in Cloud Custodian
    • 16:30 CEST: Q&A With Cloud Custodian Maintainer Kapil Thangavelu