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3/12/21 9:00 AM

Building a Safer Cloud Together

In this interview with TechStrong TV, our very own Liam Randall speaks with long-time friend Alan Shimel to talk about Cloud Custodian and how Stacklet takes the cloud governance OSS to the next level.

Randall talks about how Capital One (where he was VP of Software Innovation) made the bold decision to migrate entirely to the cloud. Of course, this move to the cloud necessitated a tool to govern the company’s new remote infrastructure.

And that’s how Cloud Custodian came to be.

Still from interview between Alan Shimel and Liam Randall

Randall and Shimel discuss the importance of the community effort to build a safer cloud and how Cloud Custodian is critical part of that. The two talk about how Cloud Custodian lies at the foundation of Stacklet’s open-core model and how we are committed to continued contribution to Cloud Custodian.

In fact, Randall shares the Shift Left feature currently in development. Shift Left will allow engineers to apply the power of Cloud Custodian to their continuous integration and deployment workflows, delivering cloud policy feedback to developers as a preventative control.

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Liz Acosta
Written by Liz Acosta
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