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12/12/20 3:48 PM

Best Practices for Cloud Resource Management From Bitnami

As more companies go remote in response to Covid-19, the allure of the cloud makes it easy to overlook principles.

With a mission “to make awesome software available to everyone,” Bitnami automates a series of processes throughout their constellation of cloud services. We are flattered we could help make that possible -- and secure and economically savvy, too! -- with Cloud Custodian.

The application packaging company has included Cloud Custodian in part of their documentation for their cloud management recommendations. They also share how they arrived at their decision to adopt Cloud Custodian, and how they are using the YAML DSL to practice what they preach.

The source content of this post was written by David Barranco, and appeared in the Bitnami documentation.

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Liz Acosta
Written by Liz Acosta
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