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A Beginner's Guide to Cloud Custodian Use Cases

Get a taste of how Cloud Custodian can help save you money, maintain cloud security compliance, and keep your cloud administrators happy.

Even though cloud computing is supposed to make development cheaper and faster, without proper management, the cloud can also slow down development and make it more expensive.

On the YouTube channel Azure DevOps TV, Tarun Arora gives us a light touch tour of Cloud Custodian with both Azure and AWS use cases. If you are brand new to Cloud Custodian, this video is a great place to start!

  • 06:35: Introduction to Cloud Custodian
  • 16:04: AWS security use case that identifies S3 buckets without an encryption policy
  • 25:57: Azure administrative use case that identifies empty resource groups
  • 29:02: Azure cost optimization use case that identifies orphaned network interface cards

The source content of this post was written by Tarun Arora and appeared on Azure DevOps TV.