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Cloud Governance as Code

Deliver frictionless governance to innovate securely and efficiently in the cloud  

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📣 Stacklet is recognized in 2022 Gartner Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing report. 


A new paradigm for the cloud 

As cloud adoption scales within organizations, they struggle to enforce governance policies that control usage, avoid potential breaches, and meet regulatory requirements while ensuring development productivity. Stacklet implements governance as code in the same way infrastructure is being managed as code today. It provides development and security engineering teams with an easy to use, standardized language for enforcing governance policies in large scale, dynamic cloud environments.

Shape Platform iso
Shape Platform iso

Trusted by industry leaders

Stacklet was co-founded by the creator and lead maintainer of Cloud Custodian, a CNCF project used by thousands of well-known global brands today. With Cloud Custodian at its core, Stacklet provides best-of-breed solutions for cloud governance addressing universal customer needs around security, operations, visibility, and cost optimization.


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Governance as Code model and Cloud Custodian resonated with us, and brought us to Stacklet. The other tools we evaluated lacked real-time remediation capabilities and were difficult to use. Stacklet Platform enabled us to get up and running quickly and now helps us detect and take action against non-compliant, risk-prone resources in real-time.

Paul Hamman
CISO, Cantaloupe, Inc

In the first month alone, our improved ability to deploy consistent policies yielded savings that exceeded the amount of our initial investment. In the first few months we easily achieved over 500% return on our investment in Stacklet.

Lindbergh Matillano
Director Cloud Cost Optimization at Avalara

“Stacklet accelerates our move to governance as code model and empowers our security teams to automate and scale real-time, continuous evaluation and enforcement of our governance policies" 

Senior Director Product Security
Large Financial Analytics Software Company
Customer quote

"Stacklet AssetDB unlocked new insights for our cloud team from day one"

Director IT
Large Financial Services

Stacklet Solutions


Stacklet Platform

Cloud governance as code platform based on Cloud Custodian open source project.


Stacklet AssetDB

Real-time asset database for multi-cloud 


Stacklet Policy Packs

Best practice policies for common compliance, security, operations, and cost optimization uses cases

White paper screen shot-1
White paper screen shot-1

Governance as Code

This white paper examines why cloud governance as code is emerging as a foundational requirement for organizations running business-critical services in cloud environments.

We’ll highlight how governance as code champions automated management of the complex cloud ecosystem via a human-readable, declarative, high-level language. Infrastructure and security engineering teams can adopt governance as code to enforce policies in an agile, flexible and efficient manner while reducing developer friction.

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Cloud Governance Month 

Stacklet celebrated Cloud Governance Month in April 2022 to raise awareness about governance in the cloud and help organizations modernize their tooling and processes.

Check out this page for content posted throughout the month, including free courses, videos, blogs, etc.

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